We seal, absorb, and protect

Our core competences can be summed up in three words: sealing, absorption, and protection. These product attributes characterize our entire range of quality products and solutions

We seal...
Our long-lasting solutions seal crevices, cracks and holes and smooth out irregularities. They also seal structures, joints, transitions, and gaskets and make them more secure. Our products seal for separation, to prevent the ingress of water, air, moisture, salt and sand, and to isolate heat from cold, noise from quietness and outdoors from indoors.

Industri Divider Skum

It is often a challenge to keep sound, noise, and vibrations isolated. Our products serve as absorption material by equalizing pressure, absorbing sound and smoothing out irregularities – always with astonishing results.  

Industri Divider Wind Vinge

...and offer impressive protection

Our products offer effective protection against shock, heavy strain, momentary impacts, fire, static loads, and tangential stress. In other cases they help by distributing stress forces or serving as shock-absorbing material. The result is that your products and equipment will not be damaged and people will not be injured

We present three short videos showing what DAFA can do for you