Focus on development and innovation

DAFA's construction and development department has a daily focus on development and innovation in close collaboration with our business partners. This is an important part of DAFA's business philosophy.

By working with our construction and development department, you can ensure you find the optimal solution in terms of functionality and cost during the development phase.

We offer technical expertise and consulting on your new profile solution, packaging solution, wood/aluminum system, etc. in projects or development work.

We offer:

• to bring new ideas to your solutions
• to choose new materials
• to propose solutions and produce prototypes
• to optimize material usage
• to carry out various tests and experiments

The above list is not exhaustive, but simply examples of the work our engineers can contribute to.

Our engineers have years of know-how and experience in relation to sealants, insulation and protection, and we always strive to base our solutions and advice on the latest technology and knowledge in the field.

If you can see the possibilities, we can be your close partner and invisible protector!