DAFA Facade Kit™

– impressive range of products that seals, absorbs and protects

DAFA Facade Kit consists of a range of products made from foam, plastic and rubber designed to help in the installation of secure facade solutions. The products have a variety of characteristics that make them ideally suited to implementing facade structures that are both more secure and more durable. The products are used in combination with other building materials made from e.g. steel, concrete, wood and glass.

The products are supplied in specially customised quality grades – tailored to the specific task of either ab-sorbing vibrations, sealing against the wind and weather, or protecting building materials incorporated in the structures.



 1. DAFA Neoprene variants 2. DAFA butyl variants 3. DAFA Therm  4. DAFA EPDM variants 5. DAFA reveal lining foil with groove  6. DAFA sealing tape  8. DAFA EPDM rubber sheets  9. DAFA UV tape



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