Wind power

Produkt Windpower ColoredThe wind turbine industry is undergoing an expansive development phase 

New solutions, new methods, new technologies and new structures are constantly appearing. DAFA is contributing to development of the sector through its extensive insight into and experience with wind turbines.

This allows DAFA to serve as a trusted business partner offering foam, rubber and plastic solutions which improve turbine functioning – onshore and offshore.

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Industri Divider Wind NacelleNacelles
We offer a large variety of nacelle solutions. These solutions help structures and electronic components in the nacelle to withstand significant stress, perform better and last longer.

Industri Divider Wind VingeBlades
Safety is of vital importance when transporting blades, and high quality is crucial in blade production. In both cases, our foam and rubber solutions offer significant benefits for the design and strength of the blades, making them last longer.

Industri Divider WindTowers
Our tower structure solutions improve safety to avoid accidents and make maintenance easier. This benefits operating costs and increases the durability and service life of the tower. Our tower solutions help make transport safer, thereby reducing the number of expensive repairs.


DAFA is a member of the following wind industry organisations and networks:

Bwe Logo

Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. (BWE) – the wind industry’s professional association in Germany and the largest registered German association for wind energy. 

Awea Logo

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) – the national association for the wind industry in the USA.

Danish Wind Industry Association

Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA)  – a Danish industry and network organisation for wind turbine manufacturers, energy companies and businesses.


Danish Wind Export Association (DWEA). 

The aim of these memberships is to ensure DAFA is always up-to-date on the latest knowledge and developments in the wind turbine industry.


See our video showing the options for sealing rotating parts, DAFA RotaSeal Wind


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