DAFA Cell sealing strips (for industry)

DAFA Cell sealing strips are used for sealing, gasketing or filling, often in outdoor structures due to their outstanding UV resistance. 

The material
DAFA Cell sealing strips consist of self-adhesive EPDM cellular rubber strips with closed cells.


  • Strong surface
  • Non-absorbent
  • Good UV resistance
  • Sound and light insulating, vibration dampening
  • Easy to fit
  • Good sealing against abutting surfaces
  • Long lifetime
  • Economical to use


Form of delivery

Self-adhesive strips supplied either sliced or on large spools.

The strips are supplied with one kind of mounting adhesive, but can be supplied with other types of adhesive on request.


Dimensions Contents per
Contents per
2 x 8 mm 225 m 1350 m
2 x 10 mm 200 m 1200 m
3 x 8 mm 150 m 900 m
3 x 10 mm 150 m 900 m
4 x 8 mm 125 m 750 m
Other dimensions to order.

Product- and material overview

Product overviewMaterial overview