DAFA draught excluders (industry)

DAFA draught excluders are used to seal doorways, windows, garage doors and metal constructions where very little friction is required with regard to opening and closing.

The draught excluders are appropriate for screw mounting, grooving and self-adhesion. The excluders are based on either polypropylene or horsehair.

Form of delivery
DAFA draught excluders are supplied with or without a stabilising central rib. The draught excluders are supplied in rolls or factory lengths, depending on type.


Descriptions Length Contents per box
ALU 25L 1 m 10 
ALU 25L 3 m 10 
ALU 40L 1 m
ALU 50L 1 m
ALU 25v 1 m
DX1444 50 m
Lozaron DX908 2.1 m 10 

Product- and material overview

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