DAFA edge protection profiles

DAFA edge protection profiles are used primarily as a sealing solution in segments such as the wind turbine industry, the automotive industry, the ventilation sector, and the electronics sector.

The material
The materials used are usually EPDM or PVC, but they can be supplied in other materials The profiles are usually supplied with ordinary steel inserts, but can also be supplied with stainless steel or nylon inserts, etc.

Edge protection profiles are used as a stable sealing solution, usually in hatches or doors where there are stringent durability requirements. DAFA edge protection profiles are very easy to fit without the need for any special tools. The profiles are stable and attach firmly to a sheet edge made of most materials without any additional fixings.

Form of delivery
We offer many standard sizes, tailored to various sheet thicknesses and sealing solutions.

DAFA edge protection profiles are supplied in bundles, by the meter, but can also be supplied in vulcanized/glued rings.

Product- and material overview

Product overviewMaterial overview