Extruding profiles

DAFA's EPDM glass mounting profiles are extruded rubber profiles with a groove mount, specially designed for the installation of sealed glazing units in windows and doors.

DAFA offers profiles in a range of sizes and shapes for either groove mounting or concealed nailing.

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EPDM glass mounting profiles are weather resistant and need no adhesive. The profiles can handle large tolerances. The profiles are quick and easy to mount.

EPDM glass mounting profiles effectively direct water away from the wooden strips.

EPDM glass mounting profiles have a long lifetime and ensure an effective and lasting seal. The groove mounting ensures a perfect visual solution which also is economical.


Type color Contents per box
15-287 Black 300 m
15-422 surface treated Black 300 m
15-576 untreated Black 300 m
15-576 surface treated Black 300 m
15-856 surface treated Black 300 m
17-161 surface treated Black 250 m
16-607 surface treated Black 100 m

Product- and material overview

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