A gasket is often small and invisible, yet is a vital part of the finished product.

DAFA offers a broad range of gaskets made from all types of materials – from hard and soft rubber to expanded plastic materials. The broad product range makes it possible to quickly find a solution using the best material for the given situation.


DAFA's equipment for processing gaskets consists of various stamping machines and advanced milling and water-jet cutting machines. This means that we are very flexible in terms of order size and delivery time.

Gaskets can be supplied as self-adhesive, packed in boxes or on large industrial rolls for machine installation.

DAFA can also directly apply gaskets to customers' items without using adhesive. The gasket is applied directly as a liquid PUR and then expands on the customer's item to form a finished gasket.

Please contact our sales department for further information.

Product- and material overview

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