Molded items

Molded items for industrial applications

DAFA offers molded items tailored to the given application – for all industry segments. The molded items are developed so that they meet all the requirements for sealing function, flexibility, dampening, wear resistance and chemical resistance at the same time.

Professional configuration
DAFA offers flexible and efficient configuration from the start of the development phase to making prototypes and final batch production.
The foundation for the development and production of molded items is a wide range of raw materials. The different characteristics of these raw materials provide the basis for the compositions that create unique items, tailored precisely to the given task.


DAFA can handle varying batch sizes using different rubber types such as EPDM, NBR, NR, CR, silicone and TPE. Our R&D department also advises on the choice of materials for the given task.

Product- and material overview

Product overviewMaterial overview