Polyether/polyester foam types

Polyether/polyester foam types in blocks

  • Polyether and polyester foam are flexible PUR foam materials with an open cell structure, typically produced in 2000 x 1200 x 1000 mm blocks.
  • Available in numerous grades from 10 to 80 kg/m³ in white, gray and black.
  • The products are normally flammable, but are also available in flame retardant grades, e.g. UL-94 or FMVSS approved.
  • Certain types are available in an antistatic grade or with a film (PU film, aluminum film or PVC film) laminated to the foam.


  • Gaskets
  • Cut strips
  • Suitcase inlays
  • Sound absorption
  • Packaging solutions
 Type Colour Fire resistance
Polyether type CMHR 35  Anthracite  DIN4102 B2, FMVSS 302, EN13501-1 E
Polyether type CMHR 55  Anthracite Cal. Bulletin 117 sec. A&D, Furnishings FSA Regulations 2010-Schedule 1, Part 1, ignition source 5
Polyester 28kg  Anthracite  
Polyether 29kg - UL-approved  Anthracite  UL94 HF-1 >=13 mm
Polyester 32kg – UL-approved  Anthracite  UL94 HF-1 >=2 mm
Polyether 25kg  Grey & White  N/A
Polyether 22kg  Anthracite  N/A
Polyetherfoam 23kg, Antistatic  Pink  N/A
Egg tray foam 22/40  White  N/A

Product- and material overview

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