PVC sealing strips

Norton PVC foam is usually supplied in densities of 90-130 kg/m³ and with a closed cell structure.

PVC foam can be used in many types of applications and can be supplied with or without a self-adhesive surface. Optimal sealing is achieved at 30% compression.
Norton PVC sealing strips can be used in countless applications due to their flexible properties.

DAFA's Norton PVC foam is available in three different types:

  • Type 2520 and type 2521 (flame-retardant). Both types of PVC foam have a closed cell structure with a very low density and low compressive strength
  • Type 4030 has a higher density and higher compressive strength

Available in black and gray and with a Mylar film
Acrylic adhesive coating

The sealing strips can be used in countless applications, such as:

  • Light-weight concrete exterior wall elements
  • Skylights
  • Doors
  • Wall/ceiling joins or wall/floor joins
  • Prefabricated building sections
  • Automotive and chassis construction
  • Greenhouses
  • Bathrooms and ventilation systems

Product- and material overview

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